Trek Domane SL-Superlight Road Bike Frame

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Type: Quick release
Carbon Material: T1000 full Toray carbon fiber
Size: 47/50/52/54/56cm
Weave: UD
BB: PF30(46*68MM)
Including: Frame+fork+seatpost+seatpost clamp+rear hanger+headsets



Emonda is Trek’s latest road bike, taking its name from the French word Emon-der, which means to streamline, to remove all the weight that can be cut off. We have been speculating that the Emonda series was launched to replace the Madone, but apparently not, as the Emonda is a lightweight climbing bike, and the aerodynamic Madone, endurance Domane formed a three-legged situation, each different. The SL series uses OCLV 500 carbon fiber material, and the frame weight of the SL series is 1020 g. The Emonda SL8 tested this time is the highest model in the SL series, which adopts the geometry of H2. The frame almost applies Trek’s most mature design, e2 tapered head tube design, BB90, the new DuoTrap S changed the mounting position, hidden in the inner side of the rear fork, in support of ANT+ at the same time, increased the Bluetooth mode, so that smartphones can also be transformed into the use of the code table.


Emonda SL series uses Trek’s very mature OCLV 500 carbon fiber material, with Shimano’s top mechanical shifting Dura-Ace 9000 kit. The whole bike is paired with Bontrager entry-level wheelset Race Tubeless Ready, which can be converted to vacuum rims. This pair of wheelsets can only be described as a pair of training wheels. The handlebar set, saddle and tires are all Bontrager’s products, all together the weight of the whole bike is only 6.96kg, this weight will be much better than the weight of its frame, but the task of weight reduction is mainly done by coming accessories.


As mentioned before, the frame geometry of the Emonda H2 is almost identical to that of my Madone, with only slight differences in the rear lower fork and overall wheelbase, so it feels very familiar once on the bike. The rigidity of the frame is less than that of the Madone, and the rear brake clamp is not concealed, so the strength of the rear fork and axle needs to be greatly improved to cope with the force brought by the brakes. In the Thousand Island Lake route we tested, there were both potholed country roads and very good road conditions, so the contrast was obvious. As long as it is in the potholed road, the vibration feedback received by the frame is obvious, and the fatigue level of the body will increase rapidly, so it seems that the whole bike is still quite picky about the road. Comfort and Bontrager’s entry-level Race TLR wheelset also had something to do with it, and this pair of wheelsets can only be considered competent training wheels. The pedaling efficiency of the frame is not a problem at all, the power transfer is very fast, but this pair of the wheelset is a little heavy and the inertia is average. When following a bike on a flat road, it still takes more energy to maintain the speed, and the feeling of foot-dragging is obvious when climbing. On the undulating roads of Qiandao Lake, the rhythm of standing up and shaking the bike was smooth, and the geometry of the H2 had more obvious advantages on climbing roads, and the upper body also rode in a more comfortable position, but the flat road pumped the bike and felt a bit unable to bend, there are gains and losses, which is normal.

Suitable for the cyclists.

Emonda SL8 bike, and with Shimano top mechanical shifting, in addition to the attractive price, but is very suitable for many people’s first car. Its price is actually lower than abroad, it seems that Trek China is very sincere this time. The SL series only has the H2 geometry design, so those who are used to a more Proposition need to think it through before buying.

Modifications and upgrades.

The original DA 9000 line pipe will bring better braking and shifting feel. Entry-level Race wheelsets can also be converted to vacuum wheelsets, which will make a big difference to the comfort of the whole bike. If your wallet is richer, you can of course upgrade to carbon rims according to the route you are riding, and the performance of the whole bike will be improved immediately.

Weight 5 kg
Dimensions 120 × 50 × 80 cm

Focal Length: 23.0mm
Aperture: ƒ/2.5
Shutter Speed: 1/640s
ISO: 200
Dimensions: 4000 × 6000


SL-11, SL-10, SL-09, SL-09 Black, SL-03 White, SL-03 Yellow, SL-08, SL


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