[2021 Collection] Premium Italian Bike Brands Guide: The Glory of Made in Italy

When it comes to bicycle excellence, the Italian road bike brand is definitely a classic! For example, the earliest wheel set quick release was from Campagnolo, and later became the symbolic brand of derailleur system. In the field of road bikes, there are one king and four queens, namely “one king” COLNAGO, and “four queens” CINELLI, GIOS, DE ROSA and BIANCHI, all of which come from Italy, and the oldest bike brand is Bianchi (founded in 1885), one of the four queens, which shows the profound origin of Italy and road bikes. For many cyclists, Italian road bikes represent the number one brand in their minds, from Colnago, the favorite of early Taiwanese cyclists, to Pinarello now, all come from Italy!
On this occasion of the Tour de France, let’s get to know what are the best bikes from Italy.
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    Bianchi - Back to Grand Tour Glory

    Bianchi is the surname of Edoardo Bianchi (1865 – 1946), the founder of the factory, founded in 1885, when Edoardo Bianchi, at the age of 21, began his story of making bicycles that have been famous for more than 130 years. There is a romantic legend that then Queen Margaret heard about his bicycle making and wanted to learn how to ride it. Bianchi is now the oldest bicycle manufacturer in the world. The period from the Second World War to the 1990s was the golden age of Italian hand-made steel bikes.
    Bianchi has been established for 136 years (1885 – 2021), and has always insisted on its unique color palette, with “passione celeste” as its representative color. Of course, its manufacturing technology is also constantly evolving with the times. Nowadays, BIANCHI bikes use exclusive carbon fiber stacking technology, adding Countervail (carbon fiber shock absorption technology) layer to the original carbon fiber material. Countervail is a carbon fiber material with a patented shock absorption function that can reduce vibration by up to 80%. It has also been tested by NASA to make the ride more stable. It also reduces muscle fatigue and improves control of the bike. Bianchi’s sponsor team, Team Jumbo-Visma, made a great return to glory in the 2019 season, winning third place in the Giro d’Italia, the third place in the Tour de France, and first place in the Tour of Spain.
    Bianchi SPRINT DISC
    ▲Bianchi SPRINT DISC
    The SPRINT, which was launched in the 1970s and was well-loved, has made a strong comeback in the form of a racing carbon road bike. The Bianchi logo is repeated on the top tube, down tube and fork to emphasize the simple style. The head tube is aerodynamically designed with a slick knife fork for smooth handling for all types of challenges.
    Bianchi Oltre XR4 DISC
    ▲Bianchi Oltre XR4 DISC
    The Oltre XR4 DISC frame, redesigned for disc brakes, is fully optimized by Bianchi engineers with CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics), and is equipped with an integrated air handlebar, with the tubes completely hidden and the air performance improved. The perfect combination of efficient braking power of disc brake and CV technology allows the rider to control more precisely and perform well!

    Colnago - the classic glory of Italy

    Colnago was founded in 1952 in Cambiago, a town in the northern Italian metropolis of Milan. Colnago’s commitment to innovation stems from a passion for cycling that dates back to Ernesto Colnago’s teenage years. He realized that being a master mechanic, building frames and supporting riders was his true calling. Thus, the story of Colnago’s bike and Colnago’s story are deeply intertwined by sports competition.
    Colnago is always innovating the design and construction of its bikes in order to give its competitors a competitive edge, making the most challenging bikes possible. When the advanced carbon fiber composite material appeared, Colnago was the first bike manufacturer to make full use of it. In collaboration with Ferrari and the Milan Polytechnic University, Colnago developed the Concept and C35, the precursors of today’s carbon fiber bikes, including the EPS and CX-1.
    But Ernesto Colnago is not satisfied with that. For him, the bike is a work of art, but an ambitious but unfinished masterpiece. He always says: “There is still so much to improve, I believe we can do it, if you want to do it too!
    Colnago V3Rs
    ▲Colnago V3Rs
    Colnago’s V series has always driven climbing enthusiasts crazy, and the new V3RS for 2020 has the same happy performance as the V1-R and V2-R, but is actually a new design structure at heart. With various new designs, the V3RS has evolved into an all-around road bike that can adapt to all kinds of roads.

    Gios - Optimizing the Italian style of cycling life

    Founded in 1948, the Italian Gios brand was created by Ttolmino Gios, a famous Italian national team rider at the time. During the five-year period from 1973 to 1978, Alfredo Gios created numerous champions with its special “Gios Blue” colored bikes and star-spangled jerseys. The Gios Blue color became world famous and a special combination in the history of cycling, with competitors such as Roger De Vlaeminck. Since 1979, more and more sponsored teams have been winning races, such as the 1999 Tour de France and the 2001 Giro d’Italia, making Gios bikes an indispensable symbol of aerodynamics and professionalism.
    After a glorious history in the 70’s, Gios is known as one of the “King and Queen” in the Italian cycling industry for its performance and quality persistence. In the future, Gios will continue to move forward and create a handcrafted steel tube bike with a different modern look than carbon fiber bikes, preserving the memories of 1960s enthusiasts and witnessing the reappearance of a classic together.
    Gios Vintage Steel Pipe Bike
    ▲Vintage Steel Pipe Bike
    Gios Aero Lite Carbon Road Bike
    ▲Aero Lite Carbon Road Bike
    gios 70th Anniversary Settanta
    ▲70th Anniversary Settanta

    Wilier Triestina - A delicate innovation of a century-old brand

    A young Italian man, dal Molin, who loved bicycles, built a small factory in Brenta near Trieste in 1906 and bought a little-known British bicycle brand, the name of which was Wilier.
    After the end of World War II, European countries rose to prominence and bicycles became popular again, and many bicycle races were held.
    In 1948, the team won its first Tour de France and went on to win many European races, pushing the team to the top.
    Today, thanks to years of continuous development and research, Wilier has passed the famous EFBe Bike Test in Germany and guarantees that every bike produced is of the same quality as the one submitted to the EFBe laboratory, so that every rider can feel Wilier’s dedication.
    Wilier Zero Slr Disc
    ▲Wilier Zero Slr Disc
    Wilier has always been an expert in lightweight bike design. When the era of disc brakes and aerodynamic comes Wilier also brings a new ultra-lightweight disc brake model, the Zero Slr, using the new “HUS-MOD Carbon Fiber Technology” to improve the stiffness to weight ratio of 153.9Nm/Kg, replacing the SEI shock absorbing film used in Zero.6 and Zero.7, and adding “multi-directional fiber mesh” and “liquid crystal polymer” to improve impact resistance, shock absorption, and torsional stiffness. Zero Slr has 24% higher stiffness than Zero.6, and the stiffness-to-weight ratio of STW has increased to the top level of 153.9Nm. Wilier’s development engineer explained that the new material has also improved the shock-absorbing ability, and the weight of the finished car can be easily suppressed below 6.8Kg as stipulated by UCI.

    3T BIKE- Now, more than ever, your bike deserves 3T!

    3T is a global company with three regional customer service offices (Italy, Taiwan, Toronto) and more than 20 service centers. Founded in 1961 in the northern Italian city of Turin, Tecno Tubo Torino; over the years, it has continued to invest in various world class competitions and now, 3T is a first class brand that everyone knows. Over the years, many championship riders have insisted on using 3T handlebars, faucets and seatposts because 3T stands for light weight, excellent handling and stylish aesthetics. Since 2007, 3T has been into carbon fiber, and then continue to improve the lightweight and high quality of the whole series of products for the riders top excellent products. 3T has been famous for its product quality, simplicity, and aesthetics.
    3T’s record: the first to introduce modern aluminum in bicycles, producing the first dedicated aerodynamic handlebars, as well as receiving recognition from the ID Design Award, also introducing dedicated gravel wheels and launching the best aerodynamic gravel frame. No matter in the past, present, or future, 3T continues to devote itself to safety, high strength, lightweight and beautiful products.
    3T Strada Concept 3
    ▲Strada Concept 3
    The combination of dynamics that emphasizes extreme speed and comfort is a new frontier. The limited edition Strada Concept 3, designed by Gerard Vroomen, starts with a red and white color scheme on the Strada’s frame with the Fundi aero fork, a minimalist design that improves the aerodynamics of the fork and brings the front wheel closer to the downtube, thus creating a perfect flow for airflow, while the asymmetrical shape of the left and right The asymmetrical shape counteracts the asymmetrical forces caused by disc brake braking. If you want to build a limited edition bike at the highest level, the Strada Concept 3 is a frame that is both a trendsetter (single disc) and a trendsetter (disc brake)! 
    3T Exploro BMW Edition
    ▲Exploro BMW Edition
    3T has collaborated with top brand BMW to launch a special edition of the “3T for BMW” model based on the Exploro. Under the theme of “Sheer cycling pleasure”, the distinctive silhouette and precise lines are the features that perfectly match the simple BMW design DNA, making it a product that is perfect for an all-road leisure lifestyle in the city and the countryside. The special edition “3T for BMW” is available in two colors and comes with the 3T’s exclusive Brooks leather saddle and matching Brooks leather grips. With the new Shimano GRX for ultimate performance and Fulcrum aluminum wheels, you can experience the thrill of off-road riding on gravel roads, cobblestones, and unpaved trails.

    Pinarello - the first choice for high-end bikes

    Giovanni Pinarello, the founder of Pinarello brand, entered the cycling field at the age of 15 and started to participate in the three major races at the age of 17.
    Interestingly, in 1951, Pinarello participated in the 34th Giro d’Italia. Originally, Pinarello was also a favorite to win the race, but he had the whim to extend his ride in order to win the “black jersey”, which was the last Giro d’Italia with the black jersey.
    In 1953 Giovanni retired and founded the Pinarello brand in Treviso, and in 1960 Pinarello began sponsoring professional teams and riders, winning the Tour de France in 1975. Pinarello won his first Tour de France that year. The year 2000 was another turning point for Pinarello, with the launch of its famous Prince PRINCE series, which was named the best bike in the world. Two years later, the world’s first PRINCE Two years later, the world’s first asymmetric bike, the DOGMA 60.1, was launched, also a famous feature of Pinarello’s bikes.
    In 2009, the team joined forces with the newly formed British Team SKY (formerly Team Ineos), and the team quickly became an unbeatable force in the cycling world. In recent years Pinarello has won 15 Tour de France titles, 4 Giro d’Italia titles, 2 World Championships and 2 Tour de West titles, and has never let this success stop it. The Pinarello has become a top choice for many people, both for its aesthetic design and for its challenging ride functionality, through constant innovation, challenging aerodynamics and collaboration with the professional riders of Team SKY (formerly Team Ineos).
    Spring Edition painted DOGMA F12
    ▲Spring Edition painted DOGMA F12
    The Dogma F12 features a number of subtle improvements to the frame and fork to provide more advanced aerodynamic performance and benefits, effectively reducing wind resistance by approximately 7.3% compared to the Dogma F10, while saving 8 watts at 40km/h. The most important feature of this improvement is the fully integrated internal alignment design, which allows for full internal alignment and the integration of all possible brake and transmission components (disc or C-clip brakes, mechanical or electronic shifters). The Dogma F12 is a great performance bike that will enhance the rider’s performance on all routes.

    KUOTA - Show your best performance

    KUOTA, an Italian carbon frame brand, was founded in 1992 with a visionary technical development concept from Italian design. After a long period of investment in complex research and development, KUOTA started to produce carbon fiber frames in 2000, and to provide one-piece carbon fiber manufacturing process, through the high modulus and one-piece carbon fiber material technology, the development of the frame is the core of KUOTA.
    After sponsoring and collaborating with professional teams such as Agritubel, United Healthcare, and Ag2R-La Mondiale, KUOTA launched the new KOM model in 2010, which has won many championships in various professional races, and KUOTA’s philosophy of pursuing innovation has not stopped the development of technology, just like the KOM EVO frame code.
    In 2012, we launched the PF BB30, a new five-way model with electronic speed change system, and the road bikes developed and mass-produced by combining with race experience are named with K, K-UNO, KOM, KULT, KREDO, KEBEL, KHARMA, KORSA LITE, which let everyone feel the innovative and diversified concept of KUOTA.
    Kuota Kougar Aerodynamic Bike
    ▲Kougar Aerodynamic Bike
    A newly designed aerodynamic shape can effectively reduce the interference of side wind and reduce the discomfort caused by vibration to enhance the comfort of riding. The design of the top tube and mid tube joint and the carbon stacking method help to improve lateral stiffness for a smoother ride. The head tube design has excellent stiffness and provides good handling without sacrificing the frame’s hollow performance. The hollow shape of the mid-pipe design and the hidden seat tube bundle design effectively improve the hollow performance, and the appearance is neat and beautiful.

    PASSONI - A completely custom-made product

    Passoni is an Italian manufacturer of premium handmade bicycles, founded by Luciano Passoni in 1989 with the simple idea of creating the best, most expensive and unique bicycles in the world. With this philosophy and passion for bicycles, he strives for technical and design excellence. His persistence and dedication to excellence have made Passoni one of the top brands of premium bicycles to this day.
    Passoni’s bikes are a perfect representation of the classic Italian style. In order to make each product perfect, Passoni builds each bike by hand and only makes custom models for a very small number of customers each year.
    Passoni uses only the best alloys and utilizes vacuum welding technology to make the frames. Every Passoni bike is custom made and unique, from geometry to design to accessories, all hand-assembled by Passoni and fully customizable.
    PASSONI Prima
    Prima means number one in Italian and was the first titanium-based standard size frame in the Passoni lineup. Reviving the Prima from the ’80s, it is available in five off-the-shelf sizes and is ready to hit the road. The cushioned, oversized headtube provides the perfect combination of stiffness and comfort for those who want to try their hand at titanium but don’t want to wait.
    PASSONI Top Force
    Light, strong, and fast, the frame was developed for tougher races with top-end technology. The thicker downtube and headtube give the rider 100% control of the bike during hard cornering. This model is for those who enjoy racing and for those who demand geometric specifications.

    BASSO - Italian Art of Technology

    When BASSO was first established in 1977, the core value of the brand was to combine Italian art and performance to give more possibilities to the bicycle. More than 40 years have passed since the brand’s inception, and BASSO’s art continues to be produced in Italy, offering a wide range of choices for riders around the world, especially those who appreciate the Italian aesthetic. Owning BASSO is like owning an Italian technological art piece.
    Basso DIAMANTE SV Disc Brakes
    ▲DIAMANTE SV Rim Brakes/Disc Brakes
    DIAMANTE SV (Super Veloce) stands for “speed”. This is the aerodynamic frame shape carved by BASSO, with a diamond-shaped downtube for low wind resistance and light weight, and a knife-like straight fork that allows air to penetrate the bike and cut through wind resistance more easily for sharp downhill control.
    Seat comfort is enhanced by the 3B-BASSO 3-phase locking point concealed damping saddle fixation system, which is more aesthetically pleasing and enhances riding comfort on rough roads. In addition, the SV is equipped with a direct locking clamp system to enhance the safety of the rider. The disc brake version is made of T1000 carbon fiber to enhance performance. The front and rear flush-mounted disc brakes are equipped with 160mm discs and a 12mm mainstream hub at the rear.
    The VENTA is a long-standing model in BASSO’s history, having impressed fans with its innovative styling and materials back in 1999. 2019’s VENTA continues to feature a tapered headtube and full carbon fork with classic, minimalist biker triangle geometry and a sleek, diamond-shaped downtube, creating an all-around bike with a comfortable ride. 


    MET - Future Design for Today's Riders

    From the creation of iconic designs to inspiring confidence, MET helmets from the Italian Alps bring aesthetic talent and a passion for cycling to enhance the cycling experience. By constantly learning, improving and investing in research and development day and night, each new generation of products becomes safer and more innovative.
    MET’s expertise is not easy to come by, it is based on the manufacturing foundation accumulated over the past 30 years. It is worth mentioning that MET has a crash replacement service. If a consumer’s MET helmet is unfortunately involved in a bicycle accident within one year after the purchase date, MET is willing to provide a discounted price as a replacement offer. For exact cost and information on replacement helmets, please contact your dealer in Taiwan. Each purchase of MET helmets is limited to one crash replacement service.
    MET Trenta 3k Carbon
    ▲MET Trenta 3k Carbon
    The 30th-anniversary version of the MET Trenta commemorates this meaningful milestone with a carbon elasticity factor that reduces the density of EPS foam by 20% without compromising its ability to absorb impact. The parallel skeleton passes through the center of the helmet, making the overall weight exceptionally light. The combination of lightweight weight and better performance of the shell sets a new benchmark for this airy and breathable bike helmet. The NACA crown tube makes good use of the Venturi effect to ensure the highest level of efficiency in airflow through the helmet by pushing warm air backward while cool air is rapidly introduced from the front edge to lower the head temperature. 
    Inspired by MET’s award-winning Trenta professional cycling helmet, the MET Vinci goes beyond the traditional double standard of performance and safety to provide consumers with an unbeatable value for money. The dedicated port design allows riders to securely hold their sports glasses during long rides or coffee breaks. Vinci has a MIPS-C2 brain protection system, which enables the head to slide in the event of a collision, thereby altering the otherwise destructive rotational momentum. 
    The MET IDOLO is the same as all the high-end MET products, but with the same safety. In order to serve more cyclists, MET IDOLO is available in XL sizes, allowing for a maximum head circumference of 64 cm, making it suitable for all head sizes, even for Asian riders with wide skulls. The definition of IDOLO is a revolutionary design that is both quality and quantity, sensitive to the rider’s wearer’s feeling, and technological aesthetics that take into account craftsmanship. Equipped with the “Safe-T E mid” fitting system, it provides the best weight and comfort for the rider and ensures that the scalp will not be damaged when wearing. The special “360-degree ring device” makes the helmet more comfortable to wear, greatly increasing the IDOLO brings you an unparalleled sense of security.

    Rudy Project - Only Rudy can surpass Rudy!

    Rudy project helmet
    Rudy Project was founded in 1985 in Treviso, Italy, and quickly became a leading European sports brand and optical product manufacturer, thanks to its strong sales network and continuous investment in communication strategies for its target markets, especially its focus on quality and persistence, as well as its continuous research and development of new materials and technologies for lenses and frames. The company’s products are designed for athletes.
    Originally designed for athletes, the combination of aesthetics, visual comfort and superior protection quickly gained popularity among customers, with all products winning out due to attention to detail, including the design of the frames and the material of the lenses.
    Today Rudy Project has a global presence in over 50 countries and has sponsored over 10,000 active athletes in a variety of sports, such as Bahrain. For example, it is the official eyewear and helmet sponsor of the Bahrain McLaren First Team 2020, as well as athletes in golf, windsurfing, ice skating, snowboarding, triathlon, cross-country skiing, racing and canoeing.
    Rudy Project CUTLINE Series
    ▲Rudy Project CUTLINE Series
    Rudy Project’s new Cutline series has received an overwhelming response from the market. One pair of glasses can be changed into full frame, top half frame, bottom half frame, and rimless at the same time, so it can be matched with anything you want. With a quick change system, the buttons are graphene springs with a press-type design to easily remove the lenses; 360 degrees of self-adjustment to the angle you need, more comfortable to wear! Solve the shortcomings of large wind goggles easy to slip off. Anti-impact protection is the key to protect your face and “4 types” of shape! Color-changing, film-coated, optical insert to solve myopia problems and compatible with another Tralyx insert.

    SUOMY - for safety on the race track

    SUOMY was founded in 1997 by Umberto Monti, the founder of SUOMY, and has been noted for its world championships in motorcycle endurance racing and marine sports. SUOMY’s helmets are designed with safety in mind and are tested for impact at various temperatures, speeds and heights before leaving the factory. In addition, SUOMY is also known for its extremely rich, colorful and bold design, thanks to the excellent Italian design team behind the credit.
    In 2015, it can be said that SUOMY in the bike helmet a milestone. They launched four models of cycling helmets, namely the GUNWIND road helmet, the Scrambler mountain/rally helmet, the GT-R time helmet and the Jumper downhill helmet. SUOMY has since launched three sunglass models to choose from.
    SUOMY vision
    ▲VISION Helmet
    VISION was born out of the SUOMY technical team’s pursuit of innovation and is designed to fit strong athletes. In today’s cycling world, the combination of a bike cap and eyewear is necessary to allow VISION windshields to cover any kind of eyewear, allowing riders to be versatile for long day or night rides. In terms of external design, the VISION windshield has undergone a unique lacquer treatment to give it a metallic coating texture, and with its own cap body in a variety of forward-looking trend colors, the VISION has become a popular sports cap product.
    ▲GUNWIND Helmet
    The name GunWind is inherited from a mythical motorcycle helmet from SUOMY, both produced in Italy and created to provide safety on the race track! Through SUOMY’s in-molding technology and composite material reinforcement components, the product’s safety is unparalleled. In addition, the SUOMY-Minimum-Contact study achieves a natural gap between the helmet and the head, allowing comfortable internal air flow. Absolutely full of skills race road hat model!
    SUOMY Sunglasses Roubaix
    ▲Sunglasses Roubaix
    Adjustable nosepiece for perfect fit, soft nose pads made of antibacterial thermoplastic rubber to ensure perfect comfort and easy pressure adjustment. The temples are made with a double printing process: semi-rigid parts of Grilamid TR90 material and soft thermoplastic rubber inserts are co-molded to provide maximum comfort. The soft rubber inserts on the temples are anti-grip and allow for a completely comfortable and secure fit. The high-quality lens is ergonomically bent from polycarbonate to achieve maximum protection and a wide field of view. Polycarbonate is a very impact-resistant material that ensures maximum safety. The lenses are interchangeable and easy to remove without the use of any tools. The lenses are made of scratch-resistant material and are treated with a standard hydrophobic coating that makes the lenses resistant to static electricity and easy to clean, and provides 100% UV protection.


    FULCRUM - Let you focus completely on the race

    Fulcrum was founded in July 2004 by three aerospace engineers who are passionate about bicycles. Since 2004, Fulcrum has been developing bicycle wheels with the same goal of providing the best performance that modern technology can offer, with a concept that includes the use of special patents, uninterrupted technical research and super eye-catching new designs. In the beginning, Fulcrum only developed road wheels, but in 2008 the Fulcrum family welcomed an important new partner, the motocross wheel, which increased its popularity even more. Fulcrum has developed a number of unique systems for this purpose, such as 2:1, which provides double spacers in key areas; Dynamic Balance, which provides stable balance during rotation; MoMag, which creates a more durable combination and optimal spacer combination; and A.F.S. (Axial Fixation System), which makes the disc brake system fully compatible with off-road bikes. In addition to the above-patented technologies, we have also started to work on tubeless road bike wheels and developed a 2-Way Fit system that can be used with both tubeless and open tire systems. From professional racing wheels to mountain bike wheels, the Fulcrum series offers a wide and complete selection based on two elements: quality and performance.
    ▲Racing Zero CMPTZN DB
    Powerful and agile, this new top-of-the-line aluminum disc brake wheelset is painted black with a mysteriously dark, moldless logo! The CULT ceramic bearings, 2:1 wind-break flat spokes, and enlarged hub lugs give the wheels great stability, lateral rigidity, and excellent responsiveness. The absolute benchmark in multi-purpose wheels, it has an elegant style and is ready to accompany riders on their next challenge, especially when facing hill climbs, it is a very direct and agile all-terrain wheel, from road racing to daily riding. The weight is 1,570g and the weight limit is 120kg.
    FULCRUM Wind 40 DB
    ▲Wind 40 DB
    When it comes to safety, the wheelset is definitely the most important part, and the Wind series is the result of several wind tunnel analyses and tests during the manufacturing process. The “Wind 40 DB” is a versatile wheel with a 40mm carbon fiber frame, Aerodynamic Profile, 2way Fit air and inner and outer tires, CNC-designed aluminum hubs, and 24 direct pull spokes to ensure braking and overall rigidity during acceleration.

    Deda Elementi - Considering the comfort of the user

    Deda Elementi, a brand from Italy, was founded in 1998 by Luca and Stefano Locatelli, formerly known as a supplier of tubes to various famous bicycle manufacturers. More than 20 years of continuous refinement and accumulated mature experience, into the faucet, seat tube, handlebar and grip tape research and development design and production, in the past decade, Deda Elementi and professional team, riders and design team to work side by side to develop advanced materials, innovative design, after the test of time, whether it is aluminum, titanium or carbon fiber materials have excellent technology.
    Deda Elementi makes full use of the functions of each type of material, optimizing the geometry of the tubes, taking into account the light weight and high strength of the product, and through a long history of professional design, making every part of the product have the best performance. The comfort of the user and the highest quality have made Deda Elementi one of the leading brands in Italy, with many fans and users all over the world.
    Deda Elementi stem and handlebar
    Deda Elementi stem
    Deda Elementi VINCI Series Parts
    ▲VINCI Series Parts
    The new VINCI series includes separately purchasable faucets, handles, and integrated bowl sets to match. Taking the integrated design to the next level, the newly designed VINCI series is made of UD carbon fiber (HANDLEBAR) and 3D forged aluminum (STEM), with a streamlined design for aerodynamic performance and superior appearance. The new VINCI finish, with white lines and VINCI lettering, gives the series its unique character. The handlebars continue to use the RHM handlebar design concept, with a flat top handlebar and curved bottom handlebar position for a smoother ride; weighing in at only 205g, the handlebars use an internal alignment system, and the overall appearance is more streamlined.

    PIRELLI - Top Tires from Italy

    Pirelli Tyre is one of the most famous tire companies today. Pirelli was founded in Italy in 1872 and has been producing tires since the late 19th century. Pirelli’s earliest product, the Milano bicycle tire, was born in the early 1890s, and since 1901, Ercole tires have been fitted to some of the early cars. Now Pirelli has 24 factories in 12 countries around the world and is one of the world’s top five manufacturers of car tires. In 2015, China National Chemical Corporation brought Pirelli into its fold for 7.1 billion euros.
    After almost a century of absence, Pirelli finally returned to the bicycle market in 2017 with the launch of the new “P ZERO Velo” series of products. Pirelli then announced in 2018 that it would be one of the sponsors of the Mitchelton-SCOTT team and would be racing together in the upcoming Tour de France. 2020 saw the signing of a partnership between Pirelli and American cycling team Team Trek-Segafredo. The team, which includes world champion Mads Pedersen, Vincenzo Nibali and their teammates, will ride Pirelli tires, benefiting the development and improvement of Pirelli’s road racing tires and ultimately providing enthusiasts with products that offer increased performance.
    Pirelli P Zero Velo
    ▲Pirelli P Zero Velo
    The Pirelli P Zero™ Velo / race tire, a classic Pirelli bike tire, inherits its racing DNA and creates a new and distinctive look with the patented SmartNETSilica® technology for improved rolling efficiency and optimal performance. Classic lightning tread design for good handling and drainage. Optimized contact surface shape for different lean angles, effectively improving grip and showing balanced and excellent all-around performance.
    The preferred choice for tough terrain, the low grain and dense spacing of the tread pattern limits deformation when the tire turns on rough terrain, and the rubber compound provides superior grip, ensuring excellent handling and a great sense of riding safety even when the grain cannot be pushed into the ground. The special SMARTGRIP compound provides higher terrain adaptability, tear resistance and abrasion resistance, allowing for fast and confident riding in both dry and wet conditions and on hard terrain.
    The preferred choice for mixed terrain, the even grain height and tread spacing ensure excellent performance on all kinds of tough or unstable mixed terrain, as well as on hard and soft terrain. The special SMARTGRIP compound provides greater terrain adaptability and tear resistance, with strong grip to face all kinds of weather conditions, so you can ride with confidence on dry and wet surfaces, soft and hard terrain.



    Founded in 1996, fi’zik is a brand that focuses on high performance cycling. The name is derived from the harmony of Physique, meaning the form or condition of the human body, a term commonly used in fitness and sports related fields.
    fi’zik has used this harmony as the brand’s inspiration to express its passion for cycling by introducing a wide range of products for road bikes, cross-country mountain bikes and triathlons, continuing to introduce comfortable, lightweight and more innovative products. The saddle series are all of Italian design lineage and are handmade in Italy. In order to present products that best meet the needs of cyclists, fi’zik’s collaboration with professional riders, physiological and scientific analysis, and the evolution of advanced technology have led to fi’zik winning various design awards, as well as its triumphs and successes in major races around the world. Whether you are challenging yourself or competing with other riders, riding in general or competitively, the fi’zik adds to a rider’s experience.
    Fizik Antares Versus Evo 00 Adaptive
    ▲Antares Versus Evo 00 Adaptive
    The fi’zik Adaptive saddle uses a 3D printed surface to provide comfortable, cushioned, progressive support in one piece. The saddle is designed with a center channel that reduces riding pressure.
    The saddle is suitable for riders with medium softness and low pelvic rotation during pedaling. The Carbon® Digital Light Synthesis™ takes 3D printing technology to a higher level, using digital light projection, oxygen-permeable optics and programmable liquid resin technology to develop a saddle with excellent performance, providing different support and cushioning for each part.

    Selle SanMarco - handmade top saddle

    Italian bicycle saddle brand, handmade top saddle, spanning 70 years of tradition and technology, the favorite of the world’s professional cycling teams, and the choice of many world champions in cycling history, SAN MARCO is happy to cooperate with world-class cyclist technology, dedicated to developing the most suitable saddle for professional freestylers, for seven decades every year to come up with new designs to solve any riding problems. SAN MARCO is a classic among bicycle brands.
    Selle SanMarco Short fit rainbow purple
    ▲Short fit rainbow purple
    Selle San Marco launched the Short fit saddle GALAXY Star Series this year, inspired by the universe where all life begins, with a bold use of purple and red interlocking gorgeous colors, and a special ergonomic design that reduces the total length of the saddle to ensure adequate support at the end. The large central opening improves blood flow to the perineum, and the waved seat design with a central drop of more than 5mm makes it suitable for both flat-backed and bow-backed riders.

    Selle Italia - Continuing the passion for cycling

    In 1897, when cars were not yet commonplace and bicycles were the choice of most people for commuting, Selle Italia built a saddle for daily commuting in Coresico, a small town not far from the city of Milan, Italy, and laid the foundation of the brand step by step.
    Fast forward to 1970, the street full of cars have long replaced bicycles as the first choice of commuters. Selle Italia also followed the trend of the times, and after the Biglio family took over, it enhanced its research and development capabilities, making the whole series of products ahead of the industry in terms of material selection and seat cushion design. To this day, Selle Italia has become an iconic presence among high-end saddles.
    Just as bicycle racers cannot win on their own, Selle Italia cannot rely on engineers alone to create the perfect saddle, but only through the legacy of 100 years of experience and cooperation with the champion racers. The Selle Italia saddle has been used by many great racers, including Eddy Merkx, Miguel Indurain, Alberto Contador, and many others who have won major races with the Selle Italia saddle.
    Selle Italia SLR Boost Kit Carbonio SuperFlow
    ▲SLR Boost Kit Carbonio SuperFlow
    The SLR series was launched by Selle Italia in 2000 and has been sweeping the cycling world. It is lightweight and durable, providing racers with competitive support without losing road comfort. The SLR’s excellent design has helped legends like Alberto Contador and ALEJANDRO VALVERDE win major race championships. Now the classic SLR series has evolved even further with the new SLR Boost Kit Carbonio SuperFlow, which features a simpler, shorter nose design that further reduces weight while increasing riding position adjustment; more rapid posture changes to improve the performance of all riders!


    Santini - handmade in Italy

    The founder of Santini, Pietro Santini, founded Santini in 1965 after taking over a knitwear factory from his sister, initially Santini was just a clothing factory for the general public. With his passion for cycling and racing, Pietro turned to designing and manufacturing all the items needed for cycling.
    Santini continues to sponsor top professional teams, the Tour de West, the UCI World Champion rainbow jersey and IRONMAN races, providing teamwear customization, both in product and development processes, from design to quality control, from printing to sewing, all at the Bergamo factory in Italy. Santini’s history is full of world firsts, and every step it has taken has been the basis for continuous innovation. Santini continues to focus on innovating better and better cycling apparel and to insist on handcrafting it in Italy.
    The year 2020 was a year of great changes. Santini in Bergamo was caught in the middle of the COVID-19 storm and was forced to suspend the production of bicycle clothing and switch to the production of masks. Since Bergamo is a pneumonia-stricken area in Italy, Santini combined with medical-grade filter fabric provided by Sitip to produce sterilized masks for first-line medical use, which became a good story.
    The mask production line of Santini
    ▲The production line of Santini was changed to make masks for first-line medical use.
    Mogul III Asia Special Edition C3 Suspenders 
    ▲Mogul III Asia Special Edition C3 Suspenders 
    The pursuit of more comfortable trousers has evolved again! Since the launch of the Asian version, the Asian version has received unanimous praise from riders and the first choice of store owners. The new one-piece non-marking flat harness design not only has better length adjustment flexibility and gentle touch, but also keeps flat during long rides, so that the shoulder and collarbone area will not produce redness or strangulation marks due to pressure and friction. The pants are made of Thunderbike Power fabric, which has a slight compression effect. The high waist mesh not only enhances breathability, but also supports and trims the waist. The cuffs are made with a built-in honeycomb silicone hem for a more streamlined look, and the innovative C3 padding for greater riding comfort. The Santini logo in the same color and matte finish makes the pants simple and versatile. The Asian fit adjusts the length and width of the trousers, making them the most suitable for Asian men.
    Asia Special Edition Sun Protection Long Sleeve
    ▲Asia Special Edition Sun Protection Long Sleeve
    Asian version of sun protection long sleeve jersey. The front and back are made of breathable Shantaug Fabric with a unique marbled texture. The sleeves are made of cool texture Lycra Artico “Polar Lycra”, which is light and breathable, and the extended sleeve length ensures complete skin coverage. The fit conforms to the Asian shape, with a comfortable French low collar and three back pockets for breathability and sun protection, making summer riding more comfortable. The bottom of the jersey is equipped with a non-slip silicone strip to ensure the positioning of the jersey.

    CASTELLI - developed from personal involvement

    In the 1910s, Castelli made the first professional cycling jersey for five-time Giro d’Italia champion Alfredo Binda, and since 1945 Castelli has had two cycling heroes as clients: Gino Bartali and Fausto Coppi, making Castelli famous in the cycling world! In 1977, Castelli launched the Lycra bike pants, a combination of aerodynamics and comfort, and in 1981, Giro and Maurizio wore the revolutionary colored Lycra pants (at that time, only black pants were allowed in cycling races).
    Since 1998, Castelli has been developing the Y-shaped saddle with technological data, which is still in use today. In 2010, Castelli launched the Nano-Flex and Gabba series with nanotechnology. The Gabba material is designed for harsh climates and is warm, windproof and waterproof. Maurizio Castelli, the brand’s founder, is a frequent participant in cycling races and his philosophy on Castelli’s brand and products is that “I would never be able to innovate cycling clothing without competing in it myself. It’s the only way to really understand what’s involved.
    Castelli Tour de France Pink Jersey
    ▲Castelli Tour de France Pink Jersey
    The jersey of the Giro d’Italia is a collaboration between Castelli, a classic Italian brand of cycling apparel, and the Giro d’Italia official, and the golden crown zipper of the logo is a classic icon that will never die and is worth collecting.

    Northwave - Cycling DNA from Italy

    Founded in 1978, Northwave, known for its wide last and comfortable shoes, is headquartered in Italy, about 30 minutes away from the water capital of Venice, and is marketed in over 50 major countries worldwide.
    For decades, Northwave has developed Biomap technology, which is designed to provide maximum efficiency and comfort for riders. It is used not only in Northwave’s shoe manufacturing process, but also in a wide range of products such as sunglasses, personal accessories, and jerseys and pants.
    In the past, NW has been the most appreciated by riders for its comfortable wide last shoes, but now there are more city shoes and round-the-island shoes as well as a full range of head-to-toe personal products. Through the Taiwan agent, NW users do not need to search hard for their favorite products on foreign websites, and the Taiwan market is also very complete.
    Origami Women's Short Sleeve Jersey
    ▲Origami Women’s Short Sleeve Jersey
    Made of recycled linen, MicroScopic material with high breathability and high elasticity on both sides, suitable for hot and humid weather in Taiwan. Perfect fit, long rides can still maintain a high degree of comfort. Full-open, high quality zipper, easy to put on and take off; no sewing line elastic cuffs, non-tightening. Non-slip silicone at the waist of the hem for a snug fit and no slippage. Three back pockets with reflective trim on the pocket to ensure riding safety.
    Women's Razer Flying Wheel Shoes
    ▲Women’s Razer Flying Wheel Shoes
    The new colorway of the 2020 model, the whole shoe only weighs 303g (38), Stiffness Index (Stiffness Index) : 10.0, XC 10 footbed Pedal area TPU lightweight sole, BioMap one-piece molding technology upper, the whole shoe lightweight, enhance the comfort. Improved version of the new heel and the two sides of the mid-shoe, the tip of the shoe heat-covered TPU, enhanced protection, more wear-resistant. SLW2 quick-lock knob can be loosened or tightened in a single compartment; it can be quickly adjusted with one hand without getting off the bike.
    Pro. Astana limited edition top of the line road shoe
    ▲Pro. Astana limited edition top of the line road shoe
    Handmade in Italy, 260g (size 42). Newly designed Stiffness Index: 15, Ultra_Responsive 100% U_D carbon fiber sole, Power_Sharp unibody carbon fiber arch support, more comfortable on long rides. New softened heel and padded sole tip for durability and comfort. The X-Frame®-2 patented soft upper technology wraps around the back of the foot for complete comfort and pressure-free comfort. The SLW2 can be loosened or tightened in one compartment for quick, one-handed adjustment without getting out of the car. The heel is lined with a non-slip lining that covers the heel. The Speedplay Lollipop 3 to 4 adapter for NW is slimmer and closer to the shaft for smoother pedaling. The new reinforced dual-density Pro Regular insole enhances transmission efficiency and foot comfort.

    SIDI - A balance between style and comfort

    SIDI is an Italian company founded in 1960 by its current president, Dino Signori, who took the company’s name from his initials. 1960 saw the start of SIDI’s production as a factory for artisans of mountain sports shoes. Initially, the shoes were made with leather uppers and wooden soles. However, since the late 1970s, plastic and other man-made materials (such as carbon fiber) have been used. In the 1970s, SIDI began to specialize in off-road/road motorcycle boots and bicycle shoes, and in 1973, SIDI’s first bicycle shoe, TITANIUM, was born, with DINO SIGNORI refining the complete sole with adjustable fasteners to adjust the position of the locking tabs on the sole, and SIDI became one of the most famous bicycle shoe brands. SIDI has sponsored many famous cycling teams, such as BAHRAIN MERIDA, KATUSHA, Tour de France, Chris Froome Champion Edition and many more. With this passion and an in-depth, intuitive understanding of the profession, SIDI’s unique balance of tradition and innovation, style and comfort has made SIDI athletic shoes stand out in the industry.
    Gios Aero Lite Carbon Road BikeSIDI limited commemorative model-SIXTY
    ▲SIDI limited commemorative model-SIXTY
    The 60th anniversary shoes represent the history and glory of SIDI, and are a must-have classic for cycling fans.

    Now over to you,

    Which Italian bike brand are you riding now?

    Or you just need an Italian helmet?

    Or you prefer to ride with Italian cycling cloth?

    Either way, please leave a comment and let us know how you think.

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