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Bianchi is a brand with over a hundred years of history and has enjoyed a very high international reputation, from its original tubular road bikes to its current all-carbon roads, which have seen the development of cycling history. In today’s stage 17 of the Tour de France, Primož Roglič won the stage on his Bianchi Oltre XR4. Interestingly, this year’s Tour de France Dutch Lotto team did not use Bianchi’s Specialissima road bikes in the big groups, the whole team used both the flat and the climbing big groups The team used an Italian aero bike, the Oltre XR4, in both the flat and climbing categories, as did Team Sky, but that was because Pinarello had not developed a pure climbing bike.
Bianchi’s most famous technology is Countervail (CV), which Bianchi claims can reduce road vibration by 80% and has been proven in NASA’s aviation operations.
The bikes used by the Dutch Lotto team are equipped with Shimano Dura-Ace R9150 electronic shifters, with Vision’s Metron 5D one-piece handlebars for enhanced aerodynamics and some riders using Fsa’s split handlebar set.
I can’t say the XR4 is an improved version of the XR2 as it is already a completely different bike and having owned many, I would classify the XR4 as an all-rounder road bike. While it doesn’t climb as powerfully as my Cervelo R3, and it certainly doesn’t make me weak on my feet like my Specialized Venge which only requires less power to maintain speed. But it’s just as responsive on climbs, surprisingly stable in big side winds and overall a pure pleasure to ride.

History of the brand

Mr Edoardo Bianchi surprised the royal family in 1895 by accepting an invitation from the Queen, who had heard about the bicycle he had built and wanted to learn how to ride it. The young Mr Bianchi didn’t let the opportunity slip out from under him, and a few days later he had a bicycle specially made for the Queen, the first women’s bicycle in history. Edoardo Bianchi then taught the Queen how to ride herself. A few weeks later, Edoardo Bianchi’s bicycle was also given the only authorization to be purchased by the Royal Family, on the grounds that it was the best quality product available. Quality has always been a top priority for Bianchi, and these products are always made from the highest quality raw materials and are manufactured with perfection. This remains the hallmark of Bianchi bicycles.

The first years of development


1885: In 1885, when he was still 21 years old, Bianchi began his project to build the famous 125-year-old bicycle. At that time he opened a small bicycle shop in a commercial street in Milan, Italy.
1886: By this time the mainstream of bicycle development had shifted to modern bicycles, and bicycles with the same front and rear wheel diameter, called safety bicycles, were already on the market.
1895: Edoardo Bianchi is invited to the Royal Court of Villa Reale in Monza, Margaret has heard of his original bicycle and is anxious to learn how to ride it, so Bianchi builds a special bicycle for the Queen, and there is the first ‘lady’s bicycle’. From this time onwards, Bianchi had already developed a quick and innovative mind and an interest in sport.
1915: Bianchi produced the first military bicycle for the army, equipped with wide tyres, a folding frame and two-wheeled shock absorbers. The prototype was delivered to the “Bersaglieri”, a special unit of the Royal Light Infantry, and was used as a means of transport in the field from the Alps to the African desert, the ancestor of all modern versions of the mountain bike.
1919: Costante Girardengo wins the Giro d’Italia for Bianchi.
1920: Bianchi’s sporting success is closely linked to his business and his “celeste” bikes win races all over the world, Costante Girardengo being their first great champion.
1923: Bianchi launches a groundbreaking model.
1925: Caetano Beloni wins the seventh Giro d’Italia.
1934: The Italian “Mussolini” visits the Bianchi factory.
1935: already half a century old, Bianchi became a major player, the absolute market leader in Italy, with an annual production of more than 70,000 vehicles, and the rise in sales did not distract Bianchi from the competition. In fact, he found a new impetus for sport in his partnership with Fausto Coppi.
1939: The Bianchi team is founded with Leoni Lunardon, Bini, Gosi, Olmo, Bailo, Romanatti, Marabdlli, Bergamaschi.
1940: The golden years of “Coppi”, the new god of Bianchi, begin.
1943: The Bianchi factory is bombed by an air raid.
1946: A new factory is built.


1949: “The God of Cycling” – Coppi wins the Giro d’Italia and the Tour de France in the same year, 1949-1952. Bianchi makes cycling history. “Coppi” won the world championship five times on his “Bianchi”.
1965: Filippo Chimondi wins the Giro d’Italia, the world championship.
1998: A bumper year. Marco Pantani was one of the few double winners, leading both the Girod Italia and the French race, and Stefano Garzelli had a great career at the Tour de Suisse. Marco Velo, nicknamed the Pirate, won the Italian time trial in general and the Martini team won numerous MTB roundabouts and downhill races.
2002: The Bianchi-coast combined team has a strong spirit: 21 wins under the captainship of the Swiss Alex Zulle. The Helvetian champion has won seven times, including the Swiss race, and is the main protagonist of the team. Another glorious season for the Motorex-Bianchi team also took place on the cross-country circuit. Under the chairmanship of Felice Gimondi and the direction of new manager Massimo Ghirotto, the team won 21 titles: the World Championship, the Under-23 European Championship roundabout at Absalon, the European Elite Championship at Hermida, etc. Absalon is a rising star in the field. In addition to his success in 23 World Cups, he won the prestigious Allianz Cup with a stunning Triple Crown.
Nineteen years later Bianchi became the first sponsor of full professional equipment, and the Bianchi team led by Jan Ullrich thrilled the fans when Lance Armstrong challenged them in the centenary Tour de France. He eventually beat Armstrong in the time trial and finished well in the overall standings. On the cross-country circuit, the BianchiMotorex team’s Absalon Hermida-Dietsch trio led the way in Europe and around the world, with Marco Villa winning the Italian Championship and the newly formed Alliverti women’s team claiming 10 titles.

120 years of existence

The “passion celeste” that has characterized the company’s 120-year history (1885-2005) has been a perfect match for the passionate season.
Julien Absalon brought Bianchi an unforgettable double win, the gold medal in the MTB roundabout at the Athens Olympics and the title of Les Gets World Champion in France. Absalon’s magic moment was followed by his teammate Thomas Dietsch’s silver medal at the Marathon World Championships in Austria.
After winning silver at the Austrian Marathon World Championships, he went on to win another major title in July – gold at the Polish Marathon European Championships.
Even in road races, Bianchi has secured his lead by winning the most glamorous and prestigious races. Swede Magnus Backstedt was the leader of the Alessio-Bianchi team, winning the legendary Paris-Roubaix; Cristian Moreni dominated the Italian championship and was soon recruited to the national team for the Athens Olympics where he fought hard to win the Paolo Bettini stage, and later the Verona World Championship.
Bianchi also finished second in the World Points race at the Melbourne World Championship with Bergamo’s Vera Carraro, Cristian Cominelli won the Italian Championship gold medal in the student lap and the MTB gold medal for the Bianchi-Agos youth team; Daniele and Daniele from Brescia won the Italian Championship gold medal in the student lap and the MTB gold medal in the MTB lap. Daniele from Brescia and Nicoletta Bresciani from Bergamo won a bronze medal for the team in the MTB Junior Roundabout for both sexes.

Brand quality

There is nothing perfunctory about Bianchi products. We believe that each Bianchi frame is as unique as a human being and needs to be studied and analyzed, from the initial computer simulation to the final road test, where each part is clearly numbered and recorded to track the condition of these parts during the production process. But it’s not just a process, the staff are in control of the production of each frame and take care of the handmade product. So every Bianchi bike is absolutely unique: because we believe that different riders deserve different bikes; whether you are a champion rider or a cyclist, there is always a Bianchi bike for you in the wide range of advanced, high quality, and reliable models.

Achievements over the years


12 times overall winner of the Tour of Italy
3 times overall Tour de France
9 Classics Milano-Sanvimao (Italy)
16 times Grand Prix of Limpet, Italy
7 Classics of the North in Paris, France
4 Classics, Liechtenstein
5 Feijer Classics of Zona
4 Rocky Road Gold Cups
4 times Greenwich Champion
2 Overall Tour of Spain
2 Tour de Suisse
2 Tour of Germany
4 Overall World Cycling Championships
6 x World Track Cycling Championships
2 times Tour of Bath-Visgau Champion
1 Overall WCC Champion
2 Willy Kane Classics


Many people only know that Bianchi road bikes are one of the top three road bike brands in the world, alongside Italian plum and French look, but they don’t know that Bianchi is the originator of modern folding and cyclocross bikes, or that the Bianchi official mountain bike TX active team is the most successful team in the world of mountain biking.
The most important national and international competitions in sport, technological innovation, scientific research, and the results of environmental strategies.
Bianchi’s 21-year-long adventure in the world of mountain biking has been built on these powerful drives. Today, Bianchi’s official mountain bike team is the most successful team in the sport of mountain biking.
The Bianchi mountain bike team was founded in 1991 to develop and refine Bianchi’s mountain bike framework and products. Since then, Bianchi has achieved impressive results in major international mountain bike races while enhancing its products through the use of new technologies, materials, and geometries. Today, Bianchi maintains a strong position in the mountain bike industry and continues to invest in technology, with the Specialised Products Division paying close attention to detail and mountain bike product development. Bianchi’s attention to the world of professional cycling is perfectly suited to the needs of the most demanding customers.
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